Write my next wine column!

August 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

My latest Press Herald wine column mentions no particular wines. Instead, it’s an invitation to you, to help me write the next column (or two). There are all sorts of issues and topics in the wine world, and in Portland-area wine culture in particular, and while my own brilliant opinions on these are of course the most important, I want to hear from you. The article mentions several subjects, from state regulations to¬†restaurant wine service and wine trends. I offer up some questions to start, along with some sharp biases, and the rest is up to you (though I’ll moderate).

Kidding aside, I genuinely think this collaborative approach could be fascinating, making for something that feels a bit more relaxing, engaging and true to life than a typical newspaper column. It’ll be like a bunch of us are sitting down with a few bottles and shooting the breeze.

Read the article, and then comment here or via email: soulofwine.appel@gmail.com. Your comments may be featured in an upcoming column: If you’d prefer to remain anonymous in that forum, please indicate as much. Thanks: It’ll be nice to chat, no?

§ One Response to Write my next wine column!

  • Beth Robie says:

    Please subscribe me to your blog. We enjoyed the Austrian Wine Dinner at Miyake tremendously. Hope to attend more Rosemont Wine Tastings…we are stirring local interest in a future Rosemont Market in Kennebunk.

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