You had me at Fer Servadou, right?

January 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

It’s not willfully obscurantist, or left-field-for-the-sake-of-left-field, to celebrate the rewarding pleasures of a grape like Fer Servadou. Few people talk about it, but several terrific wines from France’s Southwest, especially the Gaillac and Marcillac sub-appellations, are made from this obscure grape exclusively. This week in the Portland Press Herald I home in on what makes Fer (sometimes called Braucol, or Mansois) so worthwhile: low price, complexity, variety.

Fer-based wines run “if not the full gamut of red-wine personality, at least half the gamut: From dry, herbal and dusty to spicy, luscious and juicy.” Great wines, easy to love. Trust me on this one.

Big thanks: For some of the background details that support this column, I’ve used information found on the excellent Fringe Wine website, which for entries on grapes of the Southwest relies in turn on the also excellent book by Paul Strang, “South-West France: The Wines and Winemakers”. First, enjoy these wines. Then, continue your explorations with those terrific resources.

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