The Basics

September 7, 2016 § Leave a comment

What I Write About

I keep this website active even though I haven’t been very active with it. Back when I wrote a weekly wine column for the Portland Press Herald, I used this blog space as a way to update subscribers when a new article had been published. The last column I wrote as regular columnist for the Portland Press Herald came out in September 2016. (More recently, in summer 2019 I wrote a one-off article for that paper about selling wine in a beer town.)

Nowadays I still write about wine — most recently in the New York Times Magazine, in a “Letter of Recommendation” for Terry Theise’s wine catalogs (and, as you might guess, lots of other topics).

What I Work at When I’m Not Writing

For many years I was the wine program director at the Rosemont Market stores in Portland and surrounding towns. I still love selling wine, but I’ve left that position to do something that excites me even more — make it. A friend and I have started a winery right here in Maine, to make sparkling and aromatized wines — all from Maine fruit, grown organically. As soon as we can, we’re going to plant grape vines and then, a few years from now, we’ll have wines from those grapes to show you. To begin, we’re making our wines from wild Maine blueberries. It’s an incredible fruit, and I’m so excited to see how we can move them toward wines of real character, expression of place, and enormous deliciousness.

I’ll update this space whenever there’s good, bad, or interesting news to share, so if you’d like to stay informed, become or remain a subscriber. I’m also findable on Twitter (@joeyappel) and Instagram (@joeyappel1). I very much appreciate your support and interest.

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