Piemonte, Profound

June 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

This isn’t about an article I’ve written. It’s about an event I’m proud to be a part of that will take place this Saturday, put on via my day job at Rosemont Market. We’ve recently started a new venture at Rosemont, which we call Rosemont Market Productions. It’s our event-planning wing: We put on private wine tastings and dinners, wine and food education events, pop-ups and other fun stuff.. All is farm-based, local and Good. It’s been fun, will get even more so. Email me at joe@rosemontmarket.com if you’re interested in working with us.

Anyway, this Saturday, June 8, we’re hosting a very special event: Profound Pleasures of Piemonte: A Family-Style Wine and Food Tasting and Seminar.¬†There are only a few tickets left, so I thought I’d post the news here just to make sure our guest list is exceptional!

We’ll host Orlando Pecchenino,¬†winemaker at his namesake winery in Dogliani, Piemonte. The Pecchenino wine estate dates back to the 1700s, and Orlando Pecchenino is a passionate, articulate ambassador for his family’s wines and the long traditions he is proud to sustain.

This area of Italy is beef country, and the wines will be matched with a series of matchless Piemontese beef dishes, prepared by Rosemont Chef Brad Messier from grass-fed Woodbourne Farm Red Devon.

Rosemont’s Chief Butcher, Jarrod Spangler, has lived near Dogliani, where he learned the craft of Italian butchery that has informed so much of Rosemont’s peerless meat department. Jarrod will be on hand to discuss his own approach to butchering, and the importance of using locally raised, all-natural meats.

We will feature extraordinary wines, of course, including two singular Dolcettos from the famed Dogliani region and a cru Barolo. The wine seminar and food will be presented family-style, just as you’d experience were you to visit Orlando Pecchenino’s home.

This will be a uniquely thrilling and informative evening of food, wine and expertise. We are pleased to be able to offer it for just $75 per ticket. To preserve the intimacy and communal feel of the event, tickets are extremely limited, so make your reservations right now!

Wine 101. Hipster snobs need Core Curriculum

March 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

My Portland Press Herald column this week argues that everyone ought to know the basics and the classics. Classic doesn’t mean fusty, doesn’t mean obvious. It means tried-and-true but up-to-date. Traditional process. Particular grapes grown where they oughta be grown, with minimal intervention. Chardonnay from Chablis (and Mendocino!), white Bordeaux, clean/classic Pinot Noir (from northern Italy because Burgundy costs a lot), Nero D’Avola from Sicily. And more. But that’s a start.

Portland Maine wine service, get you some learnin’

September 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week in the Portland Press Herald I take gentle, supportive aim at local wine service. Usually the top-tier Portland restaurants have someone (owner, bar manager, head chef, head chef’s spouse) who knows a lot about wine and creates a great list. Even these establishments, though, often fall short in communicating that wisdom to the servers on the front line.

The mid-tier is where there’s the most hurting, however. Portland finally has a decent array of mid-priced restaurants with great food. Most of these have second-thought wine lists (though I mention some exceptions), and it would be pretty easy for them to improve dramatically. A formal course for one or two employees — such as that offered locally in October by the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, as I mention in the column — would go a long way. In a tight economy with a lot of restaurants, it’s a buyer’s market and the resto needs to do everything possible to distinguish itself. Here ya go…

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