The party’s over. Stop drinking, just for a little bit.

January 2, 2013 § 1 Comment

Here’s the opening paragraph from my column in this week’s Portland Press Herald:

Nothing I’ve written about drinking has generated more public interest than a year or so ago when I wrote about not drinking. So now, as we move past a December soaked in drink, seems a good time to revisit the theme.

That should be enough to let you decide whether you want to read the whole thing. This time around, I use the discipline of a fast from wine as springboard to contemplations on my generation’s permanent adolescence, the false promises of knowledge-seeking, and this predicament: “Unlike in real cultures where values are communal, critics are unnecessary, and rites of passage are cherished, in most modern societies you just do whatever there is to do.”

So we drink. We get sloppy. A lot of what we do is sloppy. Something as powerful as a long-term relationship with wine ought to be appreciated. By which I mean not allowed to get sloppy. And nothing aids appreciation of an experience like a brief withdrawal from said experience. Happy sabbath…

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