You think you’re so smart? Wine geek would give it all up to be ignorant like baby, and drink Austrian Gemischter Satz Wine

May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

My latest Press Herald column is out. Ignorance = Bliss. Kinda not about wine. But of course it is. It’s about staying open to the present moment, and not letting what you know get in the way of what is. And of what is — or should be — a good time. No more cranky, grim wine geeks!

I also mention there one of my favorite current everyday wines, Cobenzl Wien Classic, the gemischter satz from Vienna. Gemischter satz means, roughly, “field blend”. Multiple varietals grown in one field, and harvested and crushed on a single day. The wine won Slow Food International’s Presidia and Ark of Taste awards. It’s a very ancient process for making wine, and new Viennese winemakers are bringing back the quality. More later…if I go on you’ll feel informed, and that inevitably ruins for you part of the majesty inherent in the experience of tasting and loving the thing!

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