Portland Maine wine service, get you some learnin’

September 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week in the Portland Press Herald I take gentle, supportive aim at local wine service. Usually the top-tier Portland restaurants have someone (owner, bar manager, head chef, head chef’s spouse) who knows a lot about wine and creates a great list. Even these establishments, though, often fall short in communicating that wisdom to the servers on the front line.

The mid-tier is where there’s the most hurting, however. Portland finally has a decent array of mid-priced restaurants with great food. Most of these have second-thought wine lists (though I mention some exceptions), and it would be pretty easy for them to improve dramatically. A formal course for one or two employees — such as that offered locally in October by the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, as I mention in the column — would go a long way. In a tight economy with a lot of restaurants, it’s a buyer’s market and the resto needs to do everything possible to distinguish itself. Here ya go…

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