Profound wine from Frank Cornelissen, brought by Wordsworth’s “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings”

December 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

There are plenty of reasons, obvious and not so, why I’m feeling emotionally vulnerable these days. It’s just that time of year. And the Newtown school massacre. And Bon Iver on my stereo. And a full life, with news of friends and family bursting with births, illnesses, and other life-shifting events. Even without all that I’d be waylaid, heart-wise, by Frank Cornelissen’s wines.

Drinking them has brought me some of the deepest experiences of my life as a wine lover, and as a life-lover. The wines are not “about” life, they’re not analogies for life. They¬†live. My column in last week’s Portland Press Herald was the first of my public celebrations of the wines, and here’s part two,¬†which includes more of Frank’s comments in my interview with him.

These 1,600 or so words are a sincere entreaty to you to buy and consume a bottle of Cornelissen wine, and perhaps from there try the Munjebel. There’s a super-slim chance you won’t like these wines, but no chance at all that you won’t be fascinated, compelled, and brought deeper into your own life. Cornelissen himself calls this “profound wine”. Find out what that really means.

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