Not with a splash; with a plunge! The world of REAL vermouth

May 9, 2012 § 2 Comments

Vermouth is the most wine-like spirit, in its links to the earth through complex botanical infusions. Of course, that’s only if the vermouth is made in the traditional way: actual drinkable wine as a base, fortified, completed with pure sugar and infused with real roots, plants, flowers. The big brands don’t do it this way at all. Today’s column focuses on the guys who do.

Keep it Sweet. Andrew Quady’s supreme wine pleasures

October 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Comes a time when you need a break from wine. Or I should say, “wine”. “Wine” is our default expectation for wine: a dry or mostly dry table wine to enjoy with dinner. But there’s a whole world of alternatives out there, and California’s Andrew Quady provides many of them.

Quady makes exquisite dessert wines from Orange Muscat, Black Muscat, Tinto Roriz and more. He also makes infinitely fascinating, botanically rich vermouths; a subtly aphrodisiacal fortifier whose origin lies in a dream Quady had after “smoking and experimenting with” a Oaxacan plant;  a “port” that he respectfully calls “Starboard”; Moscatos and even sherries. You need to know about these things. You need to have them in your life. My latest column provides an overview.

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