Slovenia! Old school breaks the new rules

November 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve just had an article published in my favorite food journal in the United States, the Art of Eating. (Well, AoE ties with Simple Cooking). It’s a short column on a fascinating wine from a fascinating wine-growing region, Gori┼íka Brda in far northwestern Slovenia. (How far northwestern? Well, you can see Friuli, in Italy, from the vineyards I was in.)

The wine is Kabaj Rebula, imported by the crucial people at Blue Danube. If you’re geeky, you know Rebula by its Italian name, Ribolla Gialla. Well, geek, this isn’t your garden-variety Ribolla Gialla. The winemaker, Jean-Michel Morel, is a crazy genius. The wine is spectacular. Stars/gods/Earth willing, Kabaj wines will be available in Maine within the next month or so. Don’t worry: when they do, I’ll let you know. (For now, get down to New York.)

Please, get yourself a subscription to the Art of Eating. The physical magazine itself is a work of art, and will renew your faith in food, craft, people.

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