Coffee snobbery, wine snobbery, and lovely wines from Trentino as a bonus!

September 19, 2012 § 2 Comments

Today’s wine column is really more about the futility of exporting fanboy obsessiveness and/or niche-y passion to a format that appeals to more people. We all want everyone to love what we love. Why? I’m not sure. Right now I’m loving a Marzemino and a Muller-Thurgau from Terre del Föhn, a winery way up in the Dolomite foothills of Trentino, Italy. The Muller, especially, is grown real close to Germany; the Marzemino is from a bit further south and gains some softness from Mediterranean climes.

My editors at the Portland Press Herald cut the following paragraph from what I originally submitted. Mighta been wise on their part, but I’m letting y’all decide for yerselves. It came right after the paragraph that ends, “And you need to find friends to share your pursuit, otherwise you won’t learn anything and you’ll be miserable.”

That morning at Tandem, the turntable played a Sidney Bechet record. Our voices did battle with the gossamer clarinet dance, and I wondered afterwards whether someone else trying to enjoy her coffee alongside the heavenly music had been peeved that we weren’t showing the jazz great due respect (or fervor or infatuation). And then a couple of nights later I was at a party and astral magnets pulled me toward a conversation with one good friend and one distant acquaintance because in that moment what we shared was an adoration for the longstanding British punk-plus band The Fall. Everyone else in our circle slowly stepped backward and at the next convenient moment turned away, because, hey, they don’t care about The Fall!

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